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q-park rudder center

long-term parking

For long-term parking, we recommend Q-Park Roercenter, located at Roersingel 13, 6041 KX Roermond, less than a 3-minute walk from our shops.

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Short-term parking

For a short visit you can park on Minderbroedersstraat / Neerstraat, which is only a 2-minute walk from our shops.

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From the Outlet

Located a comfortable 10-minute walk away, the Outlet is a great starting point if you plan to shop with us after a day out at the Outlet.

Designer outlet

From the railway station

Visit our stores without the hassle of parking; we are easy to reach from Roermond station. Only a 6-minute walk separates you from a quick and easy arrival.

Roermond station

From the Retail Park

From the Retail Park you can reach our stores with a short car ride of about 8 minutes, or you can choose to cycle for 20 minutes, depending on your preference.

Retail park Roermond

From Eindhoven

Are you from Eindhoven? Our shops are easily accessible by car in about 40 minutes, or you can opt for public transport for a relaxing journey.

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From Maastricht

For customers coming from Maastricht, our location is within easy reach by car in approximately 35 minutes, or you can take advantage of the excellent train network for a smooth journey.

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From Dusseldorf

For our German customers, visiting our stores from Düsseldorf is easily accessible by car in approximately 45 minutes, or you can opt for the convenience of the train network.

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